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Right Click, on these 4 Download files and select : 'Save Target as'
See graphic on right -->

After they have all downloaded into a folder of your choosing, on your PC, activate (ie double click) setup.exe and follow those instructions.
Click the files below, then make this selection :
1 Cricke1.CAB ... (2.64 mb)
2 Cricke2.CAB ... (1.46 mb)
3 Setup.LST ... (0.005 mb)
4 Setup.EXE ... (0.14 mb)
Download all the files above into any other folder
before setup extracts the game into C:\random-cricket\
The download process should take about 15 minutes
on a slow connection.
NB: The game must run from the folder C:\random-cricket\

If you setup into another folder
you will get an error.
NB: The screen must be set to 1024x768 pixels.
Once the setup has updated your system,
activate the application. Ie double click
or make a shortcut to this file for your desktop.

9 November, 2007
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Critical Cricket is in production @
The Random Computer Game Company:
Gambling is not a good idea.

All bets are limited to 200 rupee.
Better to bat than to bet.

Under no circumstance feel
obliged to pay a bet of more than
200 rupee on any game
of Critical Cricket!
By Order of the Umpire!

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programmer drone: Jon Bain
2007 A.D. Christ

how the game was meant to be played